Why choose titleloanbuyouts.com to refinance your personal loan?

We've been the leader for personal loans in Arizona for nearly 20 years.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, we are locally owned and operated since 1997. We've been the trusted source for auto title loans and personal loans in Phoenix and Tucson to over 300,000 families. Refinance your cash loan with us today, experience the difference with us.

The best rates and service.

Our Arizona loan centers are open everyday of the week, as is our customer service department. Our team members' main focus is on fast, friendly, and professional service. For added convenience, you can choose to schedule an appointment at any of our 24 Phoenix or Tucson loan centers. Don't worry if you're too far away, we also offer 100% online application and funding. Did we mention better rates? Save money when you refinance, depending on your application, you can get a lower rate and lower payments.

You keep your car.

We wont' keep your car, you can continue to use your vehicle normally while paying off your loan.

No early payoff penalties.

Our customers can payoff their loans at anytime. There won't be a penalty or fee for doing so....ever.

No clear title needed, it's OK if you're still making payments on your vehcle.

It's no problem if your vehicle isn't paid in full. Our personal loans or registration loans are specifically for those customers who are still making payments.

What do I for personal loan refinancing?

Requirements for Arizona personal loans.

◾Arizona Motor Vehicle Registration in Your Name or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – You Must Own A Vehicle, But It Is OK If You're Still Making Payments
◾A Checking Account, Debit Card, or Pre-Paid Debit Card
◾Government Issued Identification
◾You must be at least 18 years of age